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design studio

We are a reputable Warsaw studio, which has its projects in the country and abroad.
We have been dealing with interior and architecture design for twenty years. Design studio is our oldest part of the company, the experience and qualifications of which are confirmed by our membership in the Association of Interior Architects (Paweł Ejsmont) and the Association of Polish Architects (Renata Ejsmont).

From the beginning, we have specialised in projects for private investors. However, in addition to individual houses, flats and apartment projects, we have also completed public utilities projects - offices, clinics and projects for Home Broker and other network solutions.
Over all years, we have taken part and still take part in domestic and foreign trade fairs, expanding our knowledge and gaining new experience.

Our projects have been presented on the pages of many industry magazines and websites. In 2008, we signed the first contract under the "Design & Build" formula in which we combined comprehensive design service with its implementation process. Thanks to this connection, we are the answer to the clients needs. We offer comprehensive investment service while providing guarantees for the design and implementation - all in one company. Since then, we have been constantly developing and improving.

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technology department

Our qualified technologists cooperate closely with the design department all the time consulting every detail.

For inventory and verification purposes, we use the innovative measuring tape named LEICA 3d DIST. The measure allows us to get a virtual model of any, even the most complex place.
Our technical designs are created in the IMOS software, which directly cooperates with the most modern milling machine - CNC thanks to which we can get flawless precision in cutting and drilling components. Before implementation, we have the opportunity to check furniture using virtual reality - VR.

We work using the latest techniques that provide guarantee and perfection of all carpentry components we make. This developed system enables us to work abroad and export our products abroad.

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coordination and sales department

Our experienced sales and coordination department, supervising the implementation of the investment, cooperates closely with architects, other departments and clients.

Already during the design process, preliminary valuations are created, and as soon as the project gains its final shape and we have selected materials, the girls from the sales department take care of the investment budget - they meticulously detail all components included in the project to deal with their valuation, estimate of materials and works construction. After the investor`s approval of the initial budget, a detailed schedule of works, orders, deliveries and payments is prepared.

With 10 years of experience and high turnover, the sales department offers competitive prices for materials and equipment. In addition, with a comprehensive service, we have the option of issuing an invoice with 8% VAT.

. From the very beginning, the department coordinates works and supplies of construction materials so that the components ordered by us will be on site at the right time. Throughout the entire implementation process, the sales and coordination department supervises all deadlines until completion.

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We have our own carpentry shop with the most modern technological facilities thanks to which we implement our boldest ideas.

The production department not only cooperates with the technology department but also with architects and coordinators.

. We cut and drill furniture components using a CNC milling machine that is able to obtain the highest possible precision. Each piece of furniture is labelled, which facilitates placing very large multi-component orders. Before arranging transportation to the customer, the furniture is assembled, checked and, only upon acceptance, delivered to the investment site on time.

We have a modern and large-size paint and drying room that allows us to paint large and unusual components. In addition, we make and varnish, steel, glass, wooden and other constructions used in our projects and made by us.
We have a large format shelf press.
We also have the option of sewing and gluing veneers, which gives us full control over the final appearance of the furniture and allows gluing the most complex constructions. We have our own stock of the types of wood we use most often, which allows us not only to choose wooden components in terms of dimensions, but most importantly visually - it is always perfectly matched to the concept.

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warehouse and transport

We have our own warehouses in which we store all ordered materials and devices as well as previously manufactured furniture. This gives us the possibility of delivery in "just-in-time” system.

Thanks to our own fleet of vans, we can control the security and delivery time of transported components.

This department is closely supervised by implementation coordinators, which enables them to control the entire process.

Ejsmont projektowanie wnętrz Warszawa

design & build

We work in the „Design & build” - formula - we are an example of close cooperation between people from various industries implementing one undertaking as a single company with the commitment. "Design & build" is a unique service on the market with a guarantee of one company for the entire project and its implementation.

An additional advantage of our service is the possibility of issuing invoice with 8% VAT.

We are the answer to the needs of demanding customers who value quality and professionalism. This is confirmed by numerous references and recommendations.

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