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How we work.


meeting in our office

  • - discussion of the possible scope of work offered by our company
  • - determining the investor`s needs
  • - determining initial investment budget
  • - project valuation inventory


  • - three-dimensional, digital reflection of reality thanks to the use of the most modern and error-free measurement technique - LEICA 3D disto Geosystem.


  • - ergonomic and functional analysis of the premises layout
  • - climate proposal in accordance with the investor`s aesthetic preferences
  • - 2D drawings with various arrangement options, including floor plans with various proposals for partition walls, furniture arrangements, equipment and sanitary facilities
  • - 3d model of the version selected and discussed in detail

material selection

  • - determining colour and stylistic preferences based on preliminary budget assumptions
  • - selection of materials starting from floors, through tiles, furniture components, wall finishing
  • - meeting at our office
  • - selection of equipment such as fittings, ceramics, lighting, door handles, finished furniture, window decorations etc.
  • - proposal of all materials and devices present in the project - photorealistic visualization


  • - presentation of the interior and its character using photorealistic visualizations
  • - using the most advanced software showing interiors before their implementation and illustrating previous design, material, colour and budget assumptions

technical documentation

  • - making a set of architectural drawings and interior views needed to complete the project along with industry drawings if they turn out to be necessary (construction, air conditioning and others)
  • - solution of all unusual details appearing in the project
  • - list of finishing materials and equipment together with prices

pricing and schedule

  • - preparing a complete valuation of construction works, furniture, finishing materials and equipment
  • - preparing a work schedule with delivery and completion deadlines
  • - coordination of deadlines for all construction and finishing teams

ordering, storage and delivery of materials

  • - ordering all components of the equipment with appropriate time in advance
  • - storing and checking materials in terms of quality and compliance with the project
  • - timely delivery of all components on construction site

other construction works

  • - performance of all construction works included in the project in cooperation with proven construction teams
  • - our guarantee of compliance of the work carried out with the design and building standards furniture production


  • - creating a virtual furniture model with all details in the IMOS software
  • - VR checking of every piece of furniture in terms of dimensional compliance with reality thanks to LEICA 3D disto Geosystem measurements.
  • - cutting out and further preparation of the furniture for production using the most modern CNC device that provides unprecedented precision
  • - varnishing, packaging and transport under the supervision of a person coordinating

the project assembly

  • - coordination and performance of all assemblies:
  • - wooden floors, carpets
  • - furniture developments and finished furniture
  • - stairs of different types with balustrades
  • - doors and liners
  • - developments and glass structures
  • - window decorations, including blinds, curtains, shades
  • - other components included in design

final acceptance

  • - handing over complete implementation in accordance with the project
  • - handover of all equipment and all devices
  • - complete warranty on the entire implementation
  • - warranty and post-warranty service

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