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Who are we?

Interior design, architecture, Design&Build – Warsaw

We have been designing interiors for years, mainly in Warsaw – but we also carry out our projects in other parts of Poland as well as abroad (UK, USA). Together with the Investor, we offer solutions perfectly suited to client’s needs, which work perfectly both in terms of form and function.
We have decided to expand our range of services and offer fully comprehensive interior design-build projects, because we care just as much about the design itself as we do about the quality of its realisation. We want to look at our works and be sure that they are perfect, as we take full responsibility for the results of our concepts. With many experts of different fields in our team, we will make your interior not only beautiful and functional, but also technically innovative.
We are
From architect to contractor

Architect, interior designer, furniture designer, process engineer, carpenter, paint&varnish technician, building contractor – these are only some members of our permanent staff. Team spirit, eagerness and enthusiasm are the qualities that we all share and support!

We have
Good technical facilities

Everybody has computers and computer software – we have much more. We have our own joinery workshop with state-of-the-art machinery, transport cars and specialist tools and construction equipment.

We offer

We are able to carry out every interior project from scratch and until it is ready for you to use it. We take full responsibility for all the stages of the design-build process.


Years of experience in interior design


Design&Build projects delivered




Interior design projects

What we have done

Interior design, realisations, achievements

During several years of our activity we managed to implement a lot of interesting interior design projects – mainly in Warsaw and its neighbouring area. In our portfolio you will find both modern studio flats and luxurious residences. We design not only home interiors, but also commercial buildings. We have prepared some totally unique design projects for Clients dreaming of exceptional homes. Our interior design concepts have been discussed and presented in many interior design and architecture magazines.

Elegant apartment in Warsaw

Design of a ground floor in a detached house


Forest mansion

Leisure by the lake

Half-and-half interior

Green harmony



Projekt wnętrz domu w Warszawie

Detached house, Warsaw – Ursus

House on the meadows near Warsaw

Modern apartment

Interior design

We design interiors which respond to your needs, based on personal interviews during which we get to know you and your preferences.

Choice of materials

We offer all finishing elements and materials, from tiles, sanitaryware and faucets, through the colours of furniture and walls, to bathroom accessories. We have a wide range of samples, so together with you we can compare and choose the most suitable combination of materials.

Order, storage and transport of materials

We order materials chosen by you, store them in our warehouses and deliver to the construction site when they are needed.

Building works

We offer the entire range of building works, such as demolishing and erecting walls, power and water/sewer system installation, dropped ceilings, plaster finishing and painting of walls, wallpapering, tile fitting and grouting, sanitary whiteware.


As we hand the keys to your new house or flat over to you, we grant you a unique warranty for the whole project, including the design itself. The warranty covers workmanship in relation to all the elements designed by us as well as their proper functioning

 We specialise in comprehensive interior design projects for individual clients. Such a package service is not only the most convenient choice for the investor, but also is the most economic one (VAT 8%).

Get to know us better

Teamwork is our power

Designing and actually creating an attractive interior is a complex task – it requires the skills and knowledge of many people. Our team is formed by various specialists – architects, interior designers, constructors, carpenters, paint&varnish technicians and construction workers. We all cooperate with each other in great harmony. Why? “We all play in one team”, we all work in one company.


Paweł Ejsmont

It did not take me long to understand that designing interiors is just the beginning, and that you, our Clients, expect this design to be implemented perfectly. Therefore, I decided to respond to that need. At present, several dozens of people work at our company – interior designers, architects and other specialists. Taking care of even tiniest detail, I personally participate in every part of a project.

Design department – Warsaw

We quickly transformed from a one-person workshop to a design studio employing quite a few people, and we are still developing. Architects, interior designers, designers with artistic background, process engineers – they all work together and combine their specialist experience in great synergy. This enables us to look at each problem from different perspectives, which can lead us to unique solutions.

Joinery workshop

In our production facility, we make all the finishing elements designed by us, such as furniture, interior doors, stairs, railings, glass and upholstered elements, windowsills, countertops and vanity tops, skirting boards and more. Carpenters, paint&varnish technicians and process engineers make sure that our services are of the highest quality.


Teamwork is our power. We employ specialists of various trades, so we are truly able to give you what you really need – a house or apartment that is beautifully designed and perfectly finished with great precision.


Our Clients about us

Frequently asked questions


What does comprehensive interior design include?

Comprehensive interior design consists of a 2D project presented in various variants; visualisations based on the 2D plan accepted by the Client (also in various material-related options).

Eventually, it is a set of technical drawings and a list of materials (e.g. finishing materials for fixed joinery, sanitary fittings, lighting, floor tiles, wooden flooring, window decorations, ready-made furniture, etc.) – everything which is necessary for project realisation within every trade related to interior design.

What will our cooperation look like?

All details of cooperation are carefully settled during our first meeting with the Client; usually in our office.

Our cooperation mainly bases on meetings and mutual arrangements. We begin with a 2D plan created according to Investor’s guidelines. Several variants of ideas/concepts are presented so that it is easier to choose the best possible version. After the final version of 2D project has been accepted, we start working on its 3D equivalent. Before we do that, we usually present some inspirations to you, which will reflect and determine the style of our proposed design.

After every meeting, optional changes are introduced into the project, if they were agreed upon.

Our next step is to create complete project documentation, always consulted with the Investor, based on the pre-approved visualisations. Technical drawings will enable realisation of the design not only by us, but also by any other contractor.

Our design-build projects are mainly turnkey solutions. We have construction teams and joinery workshop with assembly and installation specialists.

All details of cooperation are carefully settled during our first meeting with the Client; usually in our office.

Can I order interior design only?

Yes, you can order only interior design. Each of our projects is comprehensive, which means that in includes all the data necessary to implement it – thus it can be realised by any other contractor.

How much does comprehensive interior design cost?

As a standard, comprehensive design for under 100 m2 costs around PLN 180 net/m2. For larger areas, the cost is a bit lower. The price and supervision expenses are specified during first meeting.

Do you design single rooms in apartments or houses?

Our company handles mostly comprehensive design and design-build projects. In some cases, we design single rooms, or if the request comes from a regular customer. This matter is discussed thoroughly during a meeting in our office.

Do you construct furniture that you have designed?

Yes. We create furniture, stairs, special order items and other necessary elements of interior finishing in our own production facility. We have a range of machinery which guarantees the highest quality of elements produced.

Our wide experience enables us to create non-standard and innovative furniture and other furnishing elements.

How long does it take to get interior design?

Gathering project documentation depends on the frequency of meetings, characteristics of the interior itself, design complexity and the speed of Client’s decision-making process. The whole procedure will last at least 2-3 months.
The project commences on the day of our first meeting in the studio.

What is architectural survey?

Entering the model of the designed interior into the computer on the basis of on-site measurements or plans submitted by the investor.

What does Design&Build mean?

Designing interiors, supervising contractors, managing orders and deliveries, overseeing furniture production, etc… So many matters must be taken care of – and that’s what we do!

Thanks to our own professional construction team, modern joinery workshop and, most of all, our fantastic team of specialists, we can efficiently realise even the most demanding interior design projects.

Do you realise your projects only in Warsaw?

We have been designing interiors for several years, mainly in Warsaw – but we also carry out our projects in other parts of Poland as well as abroad (UK, USA).

What is the difference between interior decoration and design?

Our studio mainly focuses on designing interiors, which means creating their whole structure – walls, floors, ceilings, choosing right textures and day or artificial lighting.

Interior decoration focuses mostly on the decorative elements such as accessories, window decorations, cushions or other personal elements emphasising hominess and the character of the interior. These elements are chosen together with the Investor during the last stage of our cooperation.

What makes interior design a good one?
Interior design should not only be beautiful, but also doable!

Every project must be doable! Why create beautiful ideas, if it’s not possible to implement them? Who needs furniture which no one is able to make?

Our company has a totally different approach do interior design.

We specialise in comprehensive design-build projects and we conduct all the stages ourselves. Starting with designing an interior, through construction and finishing works to furniture production, assembly and fitting.

This is why our design projects must not only meet investor’s expectations, but they must be also 100% doable!

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