Comprehensive interior finishing and decoration, Design&Build

We specialise in comprehensive “turnkey” interior design-build projects.


Designing interiors, supervising contractors, managing orders-delivers, controlling furniture production, etc… So many matters must be taken care of – and that’s what we do! Thanks to our own professional construction team, modern joinery and most of all – our fantastic team of specialists we can efficiently realise even the most demanding of interior designs.

Design-build saves not only time, but also money!


Interior design, architecture

We design interiors which respond to your needs, based on personal meetings, during which we get to know you and your preferences.

Architekt wnętrz

Choice of materials

Basing on the chosen project, we offer you all the finishing elements and materials, from tiles, ceramics and sanitary fittings, through colours of furniture and walls, to bathroom accessories. We have a wide range of samples at our disposal, thus together with you we can compare and choose the most suitable combination of materials.

Dobór materiałów wykończeniowych

Official acceptance

We accompany the Investor in the official acceptance of the apartment from the developer. We assess the quality of finishing works before signing the acceptance protocol.

Paweł Ejsmont i Wojciech Szczęsny

Financial planning

Our financial estimate includes materials, furnishing elements and additional services. For private clients, we charge a lower rate of VAT (8%) on comprehensive design-build projects.

Planowanie finansowe inwestycji

Working schedule

Basing on the project and the estimate, we prepare a working schedule, including completion dates of individual stages.

Harmonogram prac wykończeniowych

Ordering, storing and transporting of materials

We order materials chosen by you, store them in our warehouses and deliver to the construction field when they are needed.

Transport materiałów


Throughout the whole process of works, the architect makes sure they are compliant with the design. We pay attention to quality and meet deadlines. We keep you posted on the progress and respond to all your questions.

Nadzór budowlany

Construction works

We offer the whole range of construction works, such as demolishing and constructing walls, electric and hydraulic installations, dropped ceilings, facets and wall painting, wallpapering, tile fitting and pointing, sanitary whiteware and more.

Prace budowlane


We offer different types of floors, such as wooden, tiled, stone floors, carpets etc.

Montaże posadzek

Special order elements

In our production facility, we make all the designed by us finishing elements, such as: furniture, interior doors, stairs, railings, glass and upholstered elements, windowsills, countertops and vanity tops, skirting boards and more.

Elementy na zamówienie

Finishing works

We provide window decoration, fit lamps, electronic equipment and bathroom accessories. Before returning the keys, we always clean up the apartment.

Prace końcowe

Special services

We offer advisory services as well as fitting alarms, air conditioning, sounding, “smart home” systems and other solutions.

Usługi specjalne

Design-build – comprehensive warranty

Together with handing the keys to your new house or flat we give you a unique warranty for the whole project realisation. The warranty involves construction of all the elements designed by us as well as their functioning properly. Complying with the design-build idea we take full responsibility for all the stages of investment’s realisation.